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Classroom Thinktank (English)

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  • Assuming the whole education system will need to make a radical transition in many countries around the world, Leonard Sommer asked more than 100 creatives, education experts and futurists in 35 countries to share their inspiring ideas for a 21st-century education, that fosters creative thinking. The book inspires with ideas and insights around the focus areas learning culture, organizational design, influencer role of teachers, principals and parents as well, as with creative learning methods and alternative assessment frameworks. Finally, the book is presenting the secrets of 6 education visionaires, who did create a school, that already today offers an environment where creativity can bloom allowing students to develop their individual problem solving skills for their unique future.

  • Limited Edition (only 250 copies produced!)

    Softcover with AR: 324 pages

    Design: Bruno Bertani

    Language: English

    Publisher: Leonard Sommer

    Size: 196x290 cm (Softcover with Augmented Reality Multi-Cover)

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